Meeting every Thursday, 6PM London Time
NameMeeting DateAgendaYoutube LinkDone
W1Feb 28, 2019How to contribute, intro, Yes
W2Mar 07, 2019Few product demos running on ATK Yes
W3Mar 14, 2019ATK Data add-ons, protocols, traits, interfaces; Actions and UI integration Yes
W4Mar 21, 2019Brainstorm containsOne, containsMany. Showing early implementation of User Actions. Yes
W5Mar 28, 2019Discussing native VUE JS support in ATK UI; Demo of draft implementation of containsOne / containsMany Yes
W6Apr 04, 2019Persistence, typecasting, export(), model debug query, profiling Yes
W7Apr 25, 2019discussing typecasting, serialize and persistence ( Yes
W8May 02, 2019Demo of multi-line form and more.. Yes
W9May 09, 2019Demo of ATK Actions (by romans), other internal issuessorry, didn't record .... Yes
W10May 16, 2019Date and Agenda TBC No
W11May 23, 2019? Yes
W12May 30, 2019 Yes
W13May 30, 2019 Yes
W14Jun 13, 2019 Yes
W15Jun 27, 2019 Yes
W16Jul 11, 2019 No
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